Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012, Here I Come!

2011 is over. I can't say I am too sad about that. It has been a challenging year.

As Rick and I were talking about last year I asked him for a phrase he would use to describe it.

His answer: FRAGMENTED.

I have seen God's Hand. I have experienced His Provision. I have questioned His plan. I have fought against receiving and giving His grace and forgiveness.

I have cried, grieved, hurt, healed, laughed and grown. I feel a bit beaten and bruised from the experience.

I still have a lot of unanswered questions about our future. Things are not nearly as settled as I would like for them to be. In fact, 2012 feels very uncertain to me. To be honest, in many ways I am fearful for what 2012 holds.

I am turning 40 this year. I hear the 40s are great. A new start is appealing. How did I get to be 40 so fast?

In 2012, I want to grow more, release more, submit more, forgive more, believe more, live in gratitude more, surround myself with people that are for me more, serve more, give more, prioritize more, celebrate more, love more.

In 2012, I want to get angry less, sweat the small stuff less, spend less, yell less, eat less, complain less, say no to my kids less.

As the clock ticked into 2012 last night I decided I wanted to start this year being purposeful with my first words of the year. What words did I choose: SIMPLICITY, PEACE.

Then, I ran over and planted a big one on Ricky while the kids gagged and moaned.

I have my God. I have my family. I have my life.

Come on, 2012. Let's see what you hold!!

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  1. AMEN! This is great. We were in a similar season it seems, as our word for 2011 was also TRANSITION. We are hearing the word "FOUNDATION" for 2012 though - and already seeing God bring it to fruition! Exciting to see what the new year will hold!