Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Clapp Haps

A lot has been happening around here.
~Cody is finishing up on his science fair project. We will all be glad when that is done. I have a whole post I will dedicate to it.
~Isaiah's new "hairstyle" as he calls it may just send me over the edge. His twists keep coming out instead of locking. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I am doing all the things I have read and been told. If anyone has any advice that will help me help them lock, I would love you to death!!
Sam's bball season started on Sat.
His team is called the "Dragon Crusaders."
I guess the vote was split so they went with both names.
Rick did not intend to coach, but it looks like he will be assisting.
I love this pic of the 2 of them. Sam is really concentrating on the game plan.
Sam is #6 on the far left. They are doing the Y "pledge."
Sam scored 2 baskets!! Yay, Sam!
I KNOW I took a pic of him shooting one of them, but it is not on my camera.
So, this will have to do, red-faced after the game.
They lost by 4 points, boo, but it was close and exciting!
Final Score 28-24
I love my Camelbak water bottle. It was pricey. I resisted spending the money.
I am so glad I did. I drink way more water from this than I normally would.
I am so hard on water bottles and go through several a year. I think I will actually save money in the long run buying a great one instead of several cheap ones!
Lauren had Renaissance Day last Friday.
Doesn't she look lovely?
You can see her hair braids and her feather in this pic.
Let me just tell you, this is the extent of my hair styling abilities.
Maybe that is why Isaiah's isn't doing so well.
Speaking of hair, Sam decided to fix his hair this morning in a new way.
I think he looks like a used car salesman, but he LOVES it.
So, I sent him off to school like this.
He was very excited and couldn't wait for his friends to see it. I said, "Your teacher may say, 'Where did this creepy little man come from?' and call security on you." He thought that would be great.

God is really showing off lately in our lives. The last 2 weeks have blown me away. I am excited. I am hopeful. I am waiting to see what is next. I really can't believe it has only been 2 weeks. After going for over a year feeling like we are "waiting on God" as He has told us to, it feels like He has now pushed the "fast forward" button on many things we have been praying about. I can't wait to share more when the time is right. For now, we would so appreciate your prayers for wisdom, direction, submission, and obedience on our parts.

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  1. oh my, that last pic is awesome. looks JUST like a face rick would make! ha!