Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Hair Saga Continues

Do you remember Sam's "used car salesman hair" yesterday? Well, there is more to the story. Sam got in the truck after school yesterday looking like this:
Evidently, his "lounge singer hair" didn't last. I came up with about 10 different names for that kids hair! Anyway, when he got out of the truck, the wind was crazy. It took his slicked back hair and blew it straight up. Now, Sam wears his hair spiked all the time, but this was not. the. same. It was very puffy and all over his head like what you would see on an exotic bird. He didn't realize what it looked like and didn't know that the comments from his classmates were not in reference to the "creepy old guy hair" that he left the house with. Boy was he shocked when he walked into the bathroom later in the day and saw this:
Needless, to say, he is such a good sport about these kinds of things. Actually, he thrives on being humorous. We got a really good laugh in the truck all the way home from school.

Now, for more hair drama, I am trying so hard to make Isaiah's hair work. I cannot even tell you how much time I have spent over the last 2 weeks retwisting it. I am weary and not sure if I can make it happen. I talked to him about it at bedtime last night. He was heartbroken, crying his wee little eyes out. So, we tried again today. I read that one way to help the twists stay in long enough to lock is to lightly rubber band them.

We spent 2 hours this morning redoing his whole head. He was so happy. I just hope it stays!

The Ladies Man
Who knows? I can't figure out why it is not staying, so send me any suggestions you may have. Now that I have written about this so much, it may need to become a weekly update: Isaiah's Dreads!! If I am successful, I promise to share my knowledge and experience with others. If I am not, you will see pictures of him with a very sad face and a very bald head.

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