Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Day

Well, it is Jan. 7th. I am a bit behind. This should pretty much catch me up on our holiday festivities.

We FINALLY put away our Christmas decorations today. It feels so good to be done. Once Christmas is over, I am pretty much ready the next day. Rick prefers to wait a bit. Since he helps and actually leads the process, I wait.

We slept in on New Year's Day. Sleeping in and naps are glorious, really. That has been the hardest thing about this last week. Waking up early every morning. I truly despise it.

Here are the activities of our day:
We had big breakfast
This was one of Sam's favorite Christmas gifts. It was also the least expensive.
He literally plays for hours doing battles.
My girls, cuddling
Lego building. He was so excited to take a picture of his creation.
It is right side up, he is upside down.
The Cowboys played that night.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be our last night of concessions for this season
because "our boys" lost.
Don't you just love our "turf" tablecloth?
Rick's favorite cookies
This is a new addition to our concession stand from Julie.
A Cowboys sandwich/waffle maker
How fabulous is that?
There was a lot of sadness around here since the Cowboys lost. It was fun starting this new tradition of watching games and having concessions this year. I am sure we will continue it.


  1. I want one of those sandwich makers! Not Cowboys though. :)


  2. loved the cowboys sandwich maker!