Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Using What We Have

I am trying to approach my spending differently this year.

I guess it could be considered a sort of resolution.

I didn't make official resolutions this year, because I didn't have the energy to and felt like so many things were so out of my control, why bother?

We live pretty modestly compared to American standards.

We have actually revamped our budget to streamline and be the best stewards we can of what God has given us.

The thing I have noticed over the last week when I look around my house, is that we don't use all that we have.

I want to change that this year.

If nothing else, it will help me to think before I buy.

Why do I need to buy the newest scent of hand soap when I already have 3 bottles of hand soap under my sink?

Why do I need to buy more shampoo for the kids when I have a box full of hotel-sized shampoos, conditioners, lotion, etc.? They would like having their very own anyway.

I just want to see how much clutter I can get rid of as a result and how much money I can save.

This is the first time we have lived in the same house for so long, 8 years. I haven't had the "moving decluttering" opportunity for a while.

I hope to look back over this year and see how I have become more disciplined to use what I have. I think it will be a good lesson for my kids, too!

I am writing out my grocery list differently. I am leaving things off that I would normally put on it.

I am digging through my drawers and cabinets. If I can't use it, I am throwing it away or giving it away. If I can use it, I am not buying.

I am curious to see what I learn through this process!


  1. I am trying to use that philosophy when it comes to crafting! currently making a very cute heart shaped door decoration with an old picture frame, tee-shirt strips, a coat hanger, water colors, and a metal "love" tag that I already had.

    1. Daphne,
      Craftiness is one area that I am really lacking in. My 9 year old is a rockstar, though. I can give her some scraps of fabric, cardboard and a coat hanger and she creates a work of art!!