Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Truly Wonderful Life

Lauren wrote the following sonnet for school. If you have ever written a sonnet, you know they are not easy, 14 lines, 10 syllables per line, every other line must rhyme with the exception of lines 13 and 14 which also must rhyme. She did very well at meeting most of these guidelines, and she did it all by herself!! Even more than her "writing capabilities," I am proud of the content and seeing how her mind is working these days. Without further ado:

A Truly Wonderful Life
by Lauren Clapp

Beautiful blue skies, glorious grasses,
Houses and family with lots of kids
Food to eat and water to drink in glasses,
Pantries to store food, containers with lids,
Grandparents and grandkids and love to share,
Money and jobs, we need to be thankful
We should always be super, super fair
We have so much, so we should be joyful
Vehicles to drive in and stuff to buy
We get to go to school, while others mourn
We have lots of things, so we should never sigh
Our parents were so very happy we were born,
But when we leave the earth we've had our time,
And have had a life that is very fine

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