Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Just Me, Isaiah

Isaiah has been wanting "spikey hair." After investigating what that means to him, I have determined that he likes dreadlocks. I saw a friend's son with awesome dreads at church and thought, "I am going to call her for help." Sure enough, she knows what to do and even offered to do it for me. I jumped on that offer!! Isaiah has not had a haircut in months in preparation for this big day.

I learned that we start with twists, that will become dreads. Even kind of knowing how the process should go, I wasn't very confident in my ability to space everything properly and do a good job. I was so grateful that she was willing to lead me through the process. Thanks, Toni!

Separate and twist with locking cream.
It took less than 2 hours for the whole process
A very happy boy
Back View
Isaiah did great!! It was a bit painful around the edges, but he sat very well watching TV and playing games on my phone. We also had some gum to chew on when it hurt.

Laila had a lot of compassion for him because she has sat for many hours having her hair done. She kept wanting to feel it. When it was all over, she said, "I don't want braids anymore." Oh, well, chick, we are not taking them out right now. They still have about 5 weeks left in them.

Now, we just have to maintain them and continue to twist them with locking cream as he has new growth. They will fill out more and be really cute!! He is hoping no one will recognize him when he comes to school today so he can say, "It's just me, Isaiah."

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  1. I think well-done dreads look so good. What a blessing to have a friend who can help you with this! That little boy of yours is absolutely crazy handsome and I think the dreads are fabulous. What a blessing to be able to give him this gift of exactly what he wants!