Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Day '11

Christmas Day was the usual relaxing, wear your jammies all day kind of day. Who knows what time the kids actually woke up. Heck, I hardly slept any. I can never sleep well the night before a big event. The festivities officially began in our room at 7:30 AM. Everyone came in to get their Christmas jammies to put on (remember, I don't let them sleep in them because of potential bodily fluid accidents during the night). After we were all dressed in our Christmas Day attire, we gathered on our bed for the Christmas story. Hopefully a little focus at the beginning of the day brings perspective to what Christmas is all about.
The required Matching Jammie Christmas pics
Love my family!!
The calm before the storm
Stockings are one of my favorites.
I love all the fun things that we get in them!
Handing out the gifts
PS3 Spiderman Game
Soccer Ball
Remote Control Jeep
PINK pants
Cowboys Hoodie
Posing in her robe
Cowboys jersey
We like to go around and open our gifts one a at a time so we can enjoy what each person gets. That makes the gift opening last so much longer. By the time it was finished we were hungry for our traditional brunch: Country Ham, Biscuits, Garlic Cheese Grits, Eggs, Mandarin Orange Salad, Chocolate Milk, and Orange Juice. Thank you, Papa, for sending us a ham!!!
Everyone knows that Mom and Dad need a nap on Christmas Day. Once everything had settled down and everyone was busy playing with their gifts, we did just that. Let me tell you, there is nothing better than a Christmas Day nap.

In the evening, Julie came over to have our "Fajitas Fa Jesus" Christmas Night meal. We gave her a stocking of goodies for her and Bailey(her chocolate lab). She gave us a Dallas Cowboys sandwich press and a recipe book of all kinds of sandwiches to make. This will be a great addition to our Cowboys games concessions stand!!
Silliness on the Stairs
I love celebrating Christmas in our home. I love being in our jammies all day. We feel very blessed by all that God has provided for us.

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