Sunday, January 8, 2012


~This last week was painful for all of us getting back into our schedule.

~Cody is working on his Science Fair Project(I only have to do this 5 more times. I think I can! I think I can!) Even though I don't do our kids' schoolwork for them, it is still stressful for me.

~We are back to homework, bedtimes, chores, early mornings, etc.

~Speaking of chores, I would say our first week on the new chore system went smoothly. We are calling this first few weeks our learning/grace weeks. We are learning as we go and giving grace in the mistakes and forgetfulness.

~I spent 6 hours one day this week shopping. We literally left the house at 7:30 to take the kids to school, shopped for 3 hours, came home to drop off groceries and eat lunch, take Isaiah to school, shop for 3 more hours, drop the food off at home, and then pick everyone up from school. It was exhausting. Oh, and I woke up at 4:00 that morning unable to go back to sleep. I had not done any major grocery shopping since before Christmas. I also had Christmas gifts to return. Then, there were the science fair project supplies to pick up.

~I am in a "not sleeping well" cycle. I go through these pretty regularly. Thus the 4:00 in the morning waking up. I will say, I am getting a lot of Bible reading done. I am going through "The Purpose Driven Life" and finding it to be very encouraging, challenging, and purposeful(yeah, I said it.). Seriously, it really is speaking to me in so many ways that I need it to right now. I resisted it when it first came out because so many people were talking about it. I am glad I was challenged by a friend to do it.

~I made 3 dozen chocolate chip muffins for breakfast one morning. They only lasted for 2 mornings. Rick and I only ate 3 of them. I remember when I could feed them for a whole week on that many muffins. These kids are getting bigger and eating more!!

~Rick and I took Sam out for his bday date for the month. He chose the new McDonalds. Please remind me to just get the smoothie next time. I have decided I only like McDonalds for the drinks, sweet tea, smoothies, peppermint hot chocolate, Frappes. He had fun. That is what matters.
Isn't he just precious?!?!
Thrilled with his toy!
Hiding out in the lame playground.
A picture Isaiah drew of me.
Wow, I look rough. That must have been the morning I got up at 4:00.
~The TV in our basement was dying. It was 13 years old. Rick found this TV on Craigslist for $50. The kids are in heaven playing video games and watching movies on it. They actually want to spend time in the basement now. Now that is what I call a deal!!
Life. Welcome to My World.

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  1. Same here girl!!!! I sooo enjoyed being lazy! 5:45 is just to early!!! Hang in there! :)