Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What A Week!

Is it really only Wednesday?

This has been the longest week EVER!

In addition to nursing Lauren back to health, Sam, Isaiah , and Laila have been sick.

Isaiah has been really struggling to breathe and my goal right now is to stay on top of it so that this little guy does not have to go into the hospital

We are kind of known for spending holidays in the hospital. Remember Thanksgiving in KY?

Isaiah is running a consistent fever of 103-104 degrees, he is taking breathing treatments around the clock, and he is definitely not his usual energetic self.
I keep finding him throughout the house like this:
That is so not my boy. When given the choice to watch TV or go to bed, he is choosing bed. He is weak, shaky, and his eyes say it all.

One thing that I love about him when he is sick is his gratefulness and his love and affection. He is constantly thanking me for taking good care of him, telling me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me. Lauren decided to help him out so that he doesn't have to talk.
I have been baking bread this week, and doing the whole winter summer clothing sort and swap.

I have clothes everywhere. I am not joking. It looks like Children's Place exploded in our house.

To top it all off, Easter has snuck up on me.

We have a LOT of Easter traditions, and rightly so. This holiday is the basis of our faith.

I so hope I can get it all together in time.

I enjoy our traditions so much more when I am not surrounded by chaos. These days, I feel like no matter how hard I work on this house, it is always chaos.

Lauren is going to school tomorrow for a half day. We'll see how that one goes. If she can make it through 2 half days, have the weekend off, then go back full time on Monday, I will feel like we have accomplished something.

Life just keeps moving along and many times, I just have to succumb and go along for the ride. That is the only way for me to keep my sanity!

Let the Easter traditions begin!!

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  1. Wow! The revolving door of sickness in your home. Don't forget that you will still be mom and your family will still love you even if something is missed. Traditions do not define you. Not to diminish their purpose and how they are a part of you. Sending love and prayers your way friend.