Friday, April 22, 2011

Abby's Fort

Abby made a fort in the backyard that she Isaiah and Laila had so much fun in. When I saw them playing, I sent the camera out to her for her to take some pictures. Here is what she took:
So precious!
Front View of the fort
Side view of the fort
Nap time in the fort
She even held out the camera and took a picture with her in it.
I was impressed with her photography skills.
Abby is so good with Isaiah and Laila. She plays really well with them and loves helping me take care of them. They had such a good time and I had a couple of hours where 3 kids were happily occupied!

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  1. Both the fort construction and the photography are impressive!! I think my favorite is the way Abby just glows in the picture so happy in knowing she's done a good job on everything--most of all loving her brother and sister. Love it.