Monday, April 18, 2011

Turning a Corner

We are now in Day 6 after Lauren's surgery. This morning was the first time I have left the house since Wednesday!! I took the kids to school. I have been a full-time nurse in addition to all my other daily duties.

Lauren is improving. It has been a rough 5 days. I feel like yesterday she turned the corner a bit and started feeling like doing more than just laying around. Her pain seems to be decreasing and hopefully her throat is healing up nicely.

I wanted to share some of her highlights from the last few days.
She woke up on Thursday morning to a gift on the front porch!!
Thanks, Andrea!
Julie brought her flowers and a Vanilla Frap
Isaiah has been her chair buddy
He drew a picture of Lauren
I snapped this pic during her nap on Sat., fresh out of the shower
She and Laila are wrapping up in their special blankets and cuddling
To top it all off, Sam is home sick today.
Poor guy. I feel so bad for him!
I am hoping that Lauren will be able to go to school for at least a half day on Wed. or Thurs. We'll see. She still isn't eating solids.

For now, we keep hanging in there. My big task this week: going through kids' clothes, swapping out summer for winter, putting away things to pass down and putting together boxes to give away. I so don't enjoy this process!!

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