Saturday, April 16, 2011


2 years ago, today, Rick, Cody, Isaiah, Laila, and I set foot on American soil after a 5-week long battle in Africa to bring them home. What a day that was!! We were greeted at the airport by our family and friends. There were so many emotions streaming through us at that moment. We had fought the spiritual battle of our lives, not to mention the over 30 hours of traveling we did with a 2 yr. old that couldn't speak English and a baby who didn't know what in the world was going on. We had also been away from Lauren, Abby and Sam which was so emotional for all of us. It felt so good to be home!!

April 16th is the day we celebrate as our "Gotcha Day" with Isaiah and Laila. This was the day we were all together finally as a family, and we knew that Isaiah and Laila were truly ours and no one could take them away!!
I knew Lauren would not be feeling well on our actual "Gotcha Day" because of her surgery so we decided to do most of the celebrating last Sunday.
We took the fam out to eat at Cici's pizza for the first time. With 6 kids, you really can't go wrong with a buffet of pizza and dessert pizzas.
Isaiah kept saying over and over, "This is the best day of my life." He was so happy.
That afternoon, Lauren and Abby planned a celebration for the family in their bedroom. The flyer says it all.
Lauren and Abby in their Tender Cuddles "uniforms"
The Guests of Honor
Pure Sweetness
Cuddly Boy
There was a snack table and a store.
All of the money from the store went to Africa.
They even made a pinata!!
I busted it open!
The scramble for candy and toys!
There was also a dance competition!
Go Cody!!
Sam doing the splits!
The winners of the competition!
They won a bag of candy.
They even took an offering for Africa.
This is Lauren's "please give money to Africa" face.
Even though we celebrated already, we couldn't let today pass without some sort of treat to acknowledge how special today is.
Daddy brought home Slurpees! Woohoo!
Dr. Pepper for Isaiah and Laila
I cannot believe it has been 2 years, but I also can't remember life without Isaiah and Laila. Every day I am amazed as I look at them and remember their story. They have blessed our family in ways I never could have imagined. It is such a privilege to be their mom. Thank you, Lord for our beautiful babies!!

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