Friday, April 15, 2011

Surgery Day!

On Wednesday morning, we went to the surgery center at 7:15 AM. That place was crowded!! Seriously, I did not realize that many people would be there. We got Lauren all checked in at the desk and waited to be called back.
Lauren and Daddy in the waiting room.
Once they got us into the prep room, Lauren and I got all suited up.
Warm blankets really are "da bomb."
I think that was one of Lauren's favorite things,
and I can't say I blame her!!
She did so great getting her IV. All the staff were surprised to see that she was able to do it while she was awake. Usually they have to knock kids out first. She just sat there so calmly and did not freak out at all. What a brave girl!!
Goodbye tonsils and adenoids.
I was able to go into the operating room with her and stay with her until she was out. The staff was amazing and so caring. I kissed her on the forehead and left my girl to have her surgery. That was hard. I wish I could have stayed, not just because I wanted to be with her, but because I love to see medical procedures.

30 minutes later, the doctor came to the waiting room and told us he was finished with the surgery. Everything went great. We were able to go meet her in the recovery room
Her eyes were bloodshot and she looked so pitiful to me.
We were eventually moved to another room with a TV.
We stayed another 2 hours before she was ready to be released.
Ready to go home and feeling pretty yucky!
She has spent most of her time in this chair with this blanket.
It is one of my favorite spots to relax, too!!
I got her a lap table as a gift before the surgery.
Best investment I could have made.
She also has "the bell". She uses it very responsibly.
Day 1 was pretty uneventful. She handled everything so well. We are staying on top of her meds in order to avoid a lot of pain. She had an assortment of popsicles. She only woke up once in the night that first night.

Lolly, I am so proud of you. You have handled this situation so well. I am looking forward to how great you are going to feel when this is all over!! You will be so glad you did it!

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  1. tell lauren i am so sorrry she is in so much pain and that i am praying for that pain to go away!