Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So true

I just had to share a story about Abby from today.

She is working on a project for school. She is making an Immigration Doll to represent one of her relatives that immigrated to America.

She is a crafty sort of girl. She has been excited about this project.

In case you need a reminder, I am not crafty AT ALL so I delegated the overseeing of this project to Rick.

I must also say that Rick and I don't do our kids' homework for them. We help when truly needed, but we figure we have already been to school and don't want to go again. How much are they really going to learn if we jump in and do their work for them?

As Abby was working on her doll, she said, "I just might have the best one in the class."

I responded, "Have any of the other kids turned theirs in?"

Her answer, "No, but they have some pretty creative moms. I am guessing they will do the work for them and it might just look better than mine."

After picking myself up off the floor from my laughter, I told her that hers would be the best to me no matter what the others looked like, especially those made by those "creative moms."


  1. This is only funny because I was one of those moms that made madison's doll while she was at school. It seemed like a mom project ;)

  2. As a non-creative mom, I have been able to give my son the gift of having to struggle through on his own. :) I must say, his things don't quite stack up to others, but he is always so proud of them. Funny to consider my lack of creativity and craftiness are an odd sort of gift. I bet her doll is great!