Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Immigration Day

Last Friday, Abby had Immigration Day at school. I love this particular day!! I was sad to miss out on experiencing it with her. During this day at school, each child goes through the Immigration process like our ancestors did at Ellis Island. Abby's Immigration name was Elizabeth and she came to America from England.
Not sure why she looks so miserable in this picture.
Rick took it, and I wasn't around when he did.
There's a little bit of a smile.
When Abby went through the process, she had "strep throat" that they gave her "pills"(skittles) for . She also had to take a Citizenship Test. She got a green card. It was really fun and such a great way to teach them the process.

Remember that doll that Abby was making. This was an optional assignment. Only two other students did it. I guess the moms didn't choose to participate this time.
Here is Abby's doll
She is crafty and creative and loves to do projects like this. Rick was her assistant with the glue gun. She had a great day!

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