Sunday, February 6, 2011

You Bring Me Joy!

On Sunday, January 30th, Sam turned 7 years old. That 4lb. 6 oz. baby is now 50lbs. of pure boy . This kid has been such a light in my life. He always smiles. He is tenderhearted. He is a cuddler. He gives me lots of hugs and kisses. His big blue eyes could melt anyone's heart. He is going to be a heartbreaker for sure!
If you ask Sam to tell you about his life, he will tell you that he almost died 4 times. Actually, that is pretty accurate. We almost lost him at birth. He was not thriving which was obvious when we induced him only two weeks early, and he was so small.

Then, at a month old and only 5lbs. he got RSV and had to be hospitalized for a week. He had one very rough night that we weren't sure if he would make it or not, but once again he pulled through. He was the smallest baby in the RSV unit, but gained weight the whole time he was in the hospital.

Then, at 10 months old, he fell down some stairs in KY. Even though he came out with a broken leg, we considered it a blessing that he was protected from a more serious injury.

Finally, when he was 4, he got a hammock tangled around his neck in our basement. Abby was with him and immediately got me. I got there just in time to keep him from passing out. It was so scary.
I believe God has big plans for this little guy. He gave his life to Jesus when he was 5 years old. We don't take for granted that his life has been spared over and over, more than the average kid. I can't wait to see what God does with Him.

This was Sam's year to have a "family party." (We alternate between friend and family parties each year.) He decided he wanted to go to ITZ as a family. Our day started with a big breakfast of pancakes. Then, he opened his gifts. He got to spend all morning playing and relaxing. For lunch, we had Nathan's hot dogs, french fries, and ice cream cone cupcakes.

Making a wish and blowing out the candles
Love this expression
Chocolate cake with chocolate icing in an ice cream cone
After the little kids' nap, we headed to ITZ. We had a blast playing games, riding rides, bouncing in the bounce house, earning tickets, and choosing prizes.
Sam was very excited about this ride.
Isaiah driving a motorcycle
Bumper Cars-Cody and Sam
Lauren used her tickets to buy candy for her and Laila
Abby relaxing
After playing, we ate diner. The kids love having a buffet to eat from. They get to eat anything they want and as much as they want. One of their favorite things about ITZ is that they have Icees to drink.
We chose the Cartoon Room to eat in.
Isaiah was completely enthralled in the big screens
Pasta, pizza, icees, soda

Sam ate enough noodles and pizza to feed our whole family
Our boy
Sam's special song is "You Bring Me Joy." It is so amazing to me how the words of the song that I chose for him before he was born have become so true of him and his life.
"Love of my life, you bring me joy.
You bring me joy.
Love of my life, you bring me so much joy.
You fill my world with the wonders of His love.
I got a glimpse of heaven, heaven."

Sam, I love seeing you grow into a little man. Your sense of humor and ability to light up a room the minute you walk in warm my heart. You have become a really good big brother to Isaiah and Laila. I am so thankful that you are my son. Don't ever let the yuckiness of this world take away from your sweet heart and your tenderness of spirit. I love you more than words can describe.


  1. Happy Birthday Sam! icecream cone cupcakes are my favorite! ITZ looks so fun and amazing.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I was laughing reading all the stories of near death, not because they are funny but because he is so resilient! And then I thought of a friend of mine who has a blog called "93 stitches, reckless attempts at Christianity"...he was a rough and tumble kid and is now doing amazing things for Christ. is his web address to his blog about what he is doing in Burma right now.

    I think your son has a good chance of living an amazing life with the love of his family and God's grace :) And that is pretty awesome :)