Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I See the Loves

We have some 3D looking glasses that we got at Knott's Berry Farm this summer. When you wear them and look at lights, you can see shapes. These particular glasses show you the heart shape. Isaiah found them tonight and put them on. He excitedly proclaimed to me, "Mom, I see the loves! I see lots of loves!" I love that he calls hearts, "loves."

I hope he will always be able to see "loves" in this world. I don't want his little heart to be hurt and tainted from the sweetness that is there. There are many things about his life that could distract him from the "loves." I pray the "loves" always win out.
I just had to share this picture because it was from Isaiah and Laila playing together today. This is my new basket to collect items on the main level at the end of the day that are left out. It is part of my new "dropping the hammer" plan that I talked about earlier. Somehow Isaiah got a white "mustache" from his breakfast this morning. Oh, and yes, that is our "throw up bowl" on his head. We are so versatile. Why do I even buy these kids toys?

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