Monday, February 21, 2011

I can't forget these little things...

With my 4 big kids, I was so good about writing down the memories. I had a calendar for each one that I would write in regularly. I wrote all the milestones and funny things they would say. Well, with Isaiah and Laila, that has been dropped. The more kids I have, the less of that kind of stuff I can maintain. I am still trying to keep a journal for each kid that I write in around their bdays. Well, I haven't even really started Isaiah's and Laila's, but I have purchased them. Do I get any points for that?

So, in order to not forget, I am going to share some of the cute things they are doing right now.

-every time she takes a bath, she pretends she is a baby whale in the tub.
-whenever she meets someone, she will point to me, and in the cutest voice say, "That's my mom."
-every day when she changes clothes, she proudly proclaims, "See my belly buccon(button). Mom, do you have a belly buccon?" Then I have to show her my belly button and explain that the mole next to it is not a belly button or an owie, just a mole. The key words in this one are "EVERY DAY."
-when she is going potty and I am helping her get on and off the toilet, she will say, "Mommy, I not pee on you." I always respond with, "Thanks, Laila. I appreciate that."
-loves music and loves to dance.

-recently on the way to church, he did not want to go. I asked him why. His response, "I am afraid there will be ninjas in my class." I have no idea where that came from. After assuring him there would be no ninjas, he went in happily.
-he cries every time he has to go to sleep. He hates that he might miss out on something.
-he can shake his hips like no one I have ever seen. He has moves I can't even imagine doing.
-is absolutely mesmerized by the TV. All kinds of horrible things could be happening around him, and he would not even notice while watching TV.

These pics were taken on a recent trip to the mall. We got pretzels. Oh, and I just noticed Victoria's Secret in the background. That makes for a nice, wholesome picture. I guess I won't be framing these and putting them up on the wall! Just focus on the cute kids, please.

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