Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dropping Like Flies

The sick count is rising around here. 5 children are now down for the count with strep. We like to do everything big around here! It is so funny to watch how each of our kids handles sickness. Since it is not often that we have so many sick at once, I don't have the comparison. Some really want to be cuddled and doted on. Others just want to be left alone. Some moan and groan, others just sleep or watch TV.

They are also so competitive that they are trying to be the one with the highest fever. Seriously???? Up until a few minutes ago, Isaiah was winning. He woke up with 104 degrees. To some people, that might put them in a panic, but I am used to it. My kids run high fevers. I just did a temperature check. Sam is in the lead at 101.6, Isaiah and Lauren are close behind with 100.7, Laila is a mere 100, and Abby is almost healthy at 99.3.

You would not believe how much ibuprofen we are going through. We currently have 3 prescriptions and are waiting on the other two to be called in. Isaiah is on breathing treatments, Abby is doing the neti pot and an extra dose of her Advair each day, everyone is taking Vitamin D gummies, and I am, at this moment, drinking a Green drink, even though a McDonalds' Sweet Tea would really hit the spot. Sleep has been hard to come by for me. Lots of kids waking up during the night spiking those fevers. It is crazy around here, but I know that there are families that deal with this kind of thing every day. They have one or more special needs children or critically ill children who require constant medical care. I think I can endure a few days. As I take care of my kids, I am praying for those families who rarely get a break.

Here are the sickos. Only Rick, Cody, and I are still standing. Actually Rick is on the fence. He hasn't felt great the last couple of days, but hasn't taken the plunge into full-blown sickness.
No, Isaiah is not snacking on butter. That is a throw up bowl.
Laila coughing
Poor little guy
This whole ordeal started with Abby on Monday.
She is over the worst of it.
Everything in me wants to wash every one of those blankets they are using. There is really no point, yet. But, you just wait. I am going to be a cleaning machine in a day or two!!


  1. man, that is a LOT of sick kids! hang in there! He'll give you the grace and strength in each moment. He promises that!

  2. Dude! Fast healing prayers sent your way from up here in Ault. I was thinking of coming over to say hi on Saturday afternoon when I am in town for Jen's baby shower, but will pass on that at this point!!!! :)