Friday, February 4, 2011

Progressing, Grieving, Celebrating

There is lots of laundry going on today, blankets, bedding, pajamas.

There are lots of kids taking baths and showers whether they want to or not.

The sickness is subsiding.

Everyone except for Laila is fever free this morning.

Abby is back to school today.

Cody, Rick, and I are still standing.

These are definitely steps in the right direction.

Unfortunately, in our house, at least, as children get better, they get whinier and grumpier.

Yesterday, they were so out of it, that they didn't have the energy.

Today, not so much.

I am going on very little sleep for the last 4 nights.

Antibiotics have been administered to the point that everyone is safe to be exposed to others.

Laila is proclaiming all day, "I am 'kick'" (sick).

"Yes, little sister, you are, and it makes your mama sad." I realized yesterday that this is her first antibiotic. I feel like I should take a picture or something.

Today is a day with many mixed emotions for our family.

Today we mourn the death of a precious little girl who has changed our lives, and we celebrate the fact that she is healed completely for the first time ever.

Hadley Rae has impacted peoples' lives in ways that only she could. God has used her greatly. Now, she is with Him, and although we feel a loss, we know that she is free to dance and sing, and in that we celebrate!! Her 12 short years have changed many people for a lifetime.

Here is the info about her service.

Hadley Rae and McHugh family,
We love you. We are so grateful to have your family in our lives. It is a privilege to journey with you. Thank you for that opportunity. You have inspired us, challenged us, and allowed your lives to be used by Him. Our family is forever changed by you.

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