Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

We spent a nice quiet evening at home for the Super Bowl. We still had 4 kids running fevers and feeling overall yucky!! We cranked up the Whirley Pop(one of Rick's fun 40th bday gifts from his friend, Tarro! Thanks, Tarro, we all love that gift!) Honestly, I don't like football and only vaguely watch if the Cowboys are playing. I will go to Super Bowl parties because there is yummy food, and I can talk, but with sick kids that wasn't even an option so I did some reading during the Super Bowl. Here are some pics of the rest of the family enjoying the festivities.

The girls set up a concession stand.
They gave out tickets. Once you used up the "free" tickets,
you had to buy more if you wanted more snacks

As always, there was a donation bucket for Swaziland that Abby put out
Lauren also decided she would try to raise some money for her trip
Sam, jammin'
We didn't like either team, but we cheered for the Packers
Isaiah was getting into it cheering and groaning
It was nice to have a day at home wearing jammies and relaxing.

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