Sunday, February 13, 2011

Family Valentine's Party

On Saturday night, we had our Annual Family Valentine's Party. To be honest(and I am all about honesty on here. I don't want to create this image of a magical world that we live in where all traditions run smoothly and we have a love fest all the time!) it started off pretty rough. I was in the kitchen trying to pull together the final touches on the meal while chaos was all around. Kids were under foot. There was lots of noise and running around. Kids were coming to me trying to get me to mediate their arguments. I was thinking the whole time, "Why do I go to all this trouble?" Then, we sat down to eat and it wasn't much better. The kids were being selfish and bickering. They were being impatient. Let's just say, it was not pretty.
Doesn't it look so pretty in the picture?
The girls did do an amazing job decorating the table. That was pretty for sure. After we got food passed out to everyone, salad, spaghetti, and garlic cheese bread, we tried to get the chaos reigned in. It sort of worked. Rick and I kept looking at each other with this look of "how much longer before this will be over?"

I took some pics of everyone with their food. Oh, and let me just say, we do this one comfy. We are all wearing our jammies, because that's how we roll!!
Sam and his signature food-stained face
This expression pretty much sums up our feelings during dinner.
Love the "spaghetti hanging out of the mouth" picture
Once the main meal was completed, it was time for dessert. Dessert consisted of Love Potion and homemade chocolate and strawberry truffles. We decided to try to switch gears and calm things down a bit, so we handed out the dessert, turned off the lights and lit some candles. Wow, now that made a difference. After we were all settled down in the candlelight, we talked about LOVE. We talked about God's commandments to love Him and others. Then, we asked if they could quote any verses about love or sing any songs about love. It was so cute. Laila began singing "Old MacDonald." Then, I asked her, can you sing "Jesus Loves Me?" She did, and it was adorable. Each February, I challenge the kids to memorize 1 Corinthians 13 to win a prize. Rick read it to us.
Love Potion(Raspberry Sherbet with 7UP)
A toast to love
Once the meal was over, we played our traditional game. We have to use chopsticks to get candy hearts from one bowl to another. The person with the most in 2 minutes is the winner.
First it was Abby and Sam
I just love those little hands
Rick won with 60 hearts!! Then, the kids opened their Valentine's Cards from Papa and Grammy. It was so funny because Lauren screamed out, "I got $5 in mine." Then, I said, "Wow, Laila got $20 in hers!" All the big kids said, "What, no fair!" Of course, I was just joking, but it was hilarious to see their responses. I love how my mom picks out a card that fits each child's personality.
The card opening
Thanks, Papa and Grammy!!
We ended the night with a family movie, "Letters To God." It was really good, sad, but good. It is nice to have a movie that reinforces our values and dependence on God in our children's lives.

Even though we had a rocky start, the night ended well. It was a success!!

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  1. so awesome laura. you really are an inspiration!