Saturday, October 9, 2010

Very Unhappy Customer

I need to vent a little.

I think that some stores reach certain people and their competitors reach others.

Kind of like Walmart vs. Target. Overall, I am a Walmart girl. That doesn't mean I never shop at Target. It just means that I always go to Walmart first. If they don't have what I want or need, then I will check out Target. I mostly go to Target for clearance stuff.

Now that Rick does not work at the church, we no longer have our Sam's membership. So, today, I took my first shopping trip to Costco. (I have been there before with friends, but not on my own to shop.)

Let me just tell you how disappointed I was!! So many people sing the praises of Costco. After today I don't get it. I like Sams WAY BETTER.

Here were my frustrations:
1. Costco does not open until 10:00. I can go to Sams on school mornings right after I drop the kids off at school.
2. Costco is not in a convenient location for me like Sams is.
3. There were several items that I buy at Sams that Costco does not carry.
4. I was overwhelmed by the prices. They are more expensive than Sams. To me, price is the most important element. I have to feed and house 8 people on a very limited budget. Every penny counts. I lost a lot of pennies at Costco today.
5. They don't sell Icees!!!! I don't get one every time I go, but I want the option, people.

Now, I am trying to convince my husband to get a Sams membership for me. I think they should give me one for this commercial I just did for them!


  1. I think you either love Costco or hate it. I'm a hater. I get anxious in Costco and there's never any parking. I do fine without it. :) Go Sam's!

  2. I like Costco and go with the flow on the selection. Don't love that they open at 10, agreed, but don't have the other issues. Love the coupons they put out. I was happy at Sam's though, Costco is just a little closer and really it's a toss-up for me. I have heard great things about their customer service though and experienced some first-hand. That's important. I split the membership cost with my mother-in-law.

  3. We no longer have a Sam's membership or Costco. We were wasting money by shopping there and purchasing things in bulk we did not need. I do most of our shopping at Walmart and some at King Soopers. We have saved lots since cancelling the membership to Sams. That is just my opinion, but each family has different needs. I think it would be worth the money if you split a membership with someone.

  4. I agree with you on every complaint against Costco. Tried it for a year and quit. Hated it. I have a Sams membership. Maybe we can shop together or you can find another friend that you can go with. My neighbor has a shopping friend and they go to both Sam's and Costco once a week using each other's memberships.