Monday, October 11, 2010

Awesome Fort

Lauren and Abby have created a fort in the basement. They are quite creative in their design.
There are signs all over our house(and I mean ALL OVER the house)
In case you aren't sure how to get there, they have put arrows for you to follow
While you are there, feel free to donate some money to Africa
They dividd part of our basement into several distinct areas.
This is the snack shop(their snack shops always include lots of candy)
Here is the entry to the actual fort
This is the dance area
They also created a play area, a trampoline and rest areas. They had music playing.
There was a dance competition
Laila has herself some moves
When Isaiah dances, he always has this serious face
This is the pose at the end of their dance
Sam won the competition(that is a candy bar from Africa)
Laila and Daddy in the fort
Inside the fort, you can watch movies while you have your snack.

I love it when the kids play like this. Their creativity amazes me. It is also one of the few times that they seem to work together and actually have fun doing it.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Whew.....this almost helps me forgive the negativity about Costco. =) I LOVE me some Clapps!

  2. Too cool. I wish I could hang out in the fort. I could go for the candy bar:)

  3. tell lauren and abby to make me a reservation

  4. Laura,
    What a great idea - your children are so precious. It is so amazing what their minds can imagine and then make a reality. Oh, the innocence of children. Great news about Rick and new job - God always takes care of His children in ways that are so wonderous and fulfils our needs. You are both great examples of God's love and His grace.