Monday, October 18, 2010

Sam's Spiritual Bday

Sunday night was the time of celebration for Sam's spiritual bday.
He chose spaghetti and garlic bread as his special meal.
He also got a dry erase board
I love that immediately when he got it, he opened it up and started using it.
Sam and his ice cream sundae
Sam is such a tender-hearted and funny little guy. He still hugs and kisses me a lot, and I love it!! As his reading skills are improving, he is able to read his Bible more on his own. When he sees a need, his sensitive heart compels him to try to meet that need. He has become an amazing big brother over the last year. He has embraced his new position in our family. One of the most precious things that was said to Sam while we were sharing with him at the table, was said by Isaiah. He said, "Sam is my best friend brother." That was so precious. These two are developing a strong relationship with each other and are longing for the day when they can share a bedroom and make it into a "hippo" room.

I am proud of you, Sam. As you know, God has a special plan for you. He has shown that in His protection over you life in your 6 short years. I can't wait to see you grow in your spiritual walk over the next year!!

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