Sunday, October 24, 2010

Campfire Chats and Hot Dogs and S'mores and 10 Children!!

Rick is in San Diego, and I am in Colorado. Now, what is wrong with this picture? He keeps sending me all these pictures from his phone with palm trees and beaches, and I just sigh and respond with, "Oh, how beautiful. Looks like you are having fun." Then, I go break up a fight between two kids, clean poop out of Laila's bed, give medicine to a kid in pain, and work some more on the clothes sorting task that I am still in the middle of.

Seriously, though. I am really glad he is there and has this opportunity before he starts work again on Nov. 1. It is hard when he travels, but I have learned how to make the most of his quick trips away. It means a chance for me to have some quiet evenings to myself once the kids are in bed. It also gives me the chance to do something fun with the kids and our friends. That is what we did tonight, and we had so much fun!!!

We went to the Goad's house. Their hubby/dad is out of town, too. What better way for moms to pass the time. First we made a fire in the fire pit. Let me tell you, that was no easy task. We have wildfires in CO all the time. Why can't we get a piece of wood to burn while putting flaming papers all around it.? We finally got it.
Lauren took this picture.
Isaiah LOVED the fire. He got to cook his hot dog and roast marshmallows.
He felt it his responsibility to inform us if the fire as dying down in any way. He would say, "Please make the fire bigger again?" He also loved the s'mores. Afterwards, he was talking to Rick on the phone and he kept saying, "We had some chocolate and graham crackers and marshmallows(in his Swazi accent) and it was REALLY YUMMY, Daddy!!!" Rick couldn't get a word in edgewise the whole conversation.
Laila was lovin' her some food, too!
Cody, Noah, and Laila
Later in the evening, Laila was all decked out in her pink attire with her "micacone"(microphone).
We really had a great time. Ellen and I drank some yummy coffee while we ate our s'mores. What better way to spend the evening with Rick gone than with friends. The kids had a blast playing hospital together. They had an ambulance they created out of a wagon and used blankets and chairs to make beds. It was so cute. Cody and Noah spent the whole time doing their teenager boy stuff, video games, dsi, and movie watching. Ellen and I got some sanity as we talked and dealt with our kids together rather than alone.

Thanks, Ellen. When I tucked Isaiah into bed he said, "When we go to Ellen's house again?"

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  1. Shorts? :) So jealous! We're freezing over here...and that evening sounds Wonderful, fantasic, fabulous and fun. Jealous again:)