Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October Challenge

Simplifying is not always a simple thing to do.

I am struggling with this month's challenge.

This is not a challenge I can do alone. It has to be a family affair.

I had a discussion today with my kids about stewardship.

I feel like we have lost sight of that concept in our house.

There is a lot of wastefulness and carelessness with things.

Silly bands and food erasers are fun for a day. Then, they lose their glimmer, and I find them scattered all over my house.

My 4 big kids have no idea what it means to go hungry. Sure, there are some days where they aren't real thrilled about the choices I offer, but even on those days, they have a choice and way more food than many children in the world.

I go ballistic when I see food wasted, especially when it is from carelessness like shredded cheese all over the counter from meal prep or chips that are spilled and left behind. Half full glasses of milk really make my skin crawl.

I don't only blame them. I find myself shopping the bargains because they are bargains. It doesn't matter that I am trying to clean out my fridges and pantry. It is on sale. So, I must buy it. As a result, we end up with bulging shelves, an empty grocery budget, and food that continues to stay in storage in the back of the pantry or freezer because we want to eat the new stuff.

Then there is the leaving of lights on in empty rooms, using half a roll of toilet paper when a few sheets would have done the job, or 4 paper towels used to clean up a spill that a towel could have cleaned up.

We talked through it today. We talked about how I can't do this alone. We talked about being responsible with ALL that God has given us. We will see how much of it sinks in and results in change. I realize it has to start with me. We talked about how much more we can give to others when we don't waste it on things that don't matter. I want to invest our money in the lives of people, not toilet paper and cheese.

We have TOO MUCH STUFF!!! I think it is going to take more than a month to solve this problem. I guess I have to start somewhere.

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