Saturday, October 16, 2010

Abby's Spiritual Bday Celebration

2 years ago, on the way home from a Baptism service at church, Sam and Abby started their relationships with God. They were asking Rick lots of questions after watching so many people follow God in baptism and hearing each of their testimonies. At one point in the drive, Abby said, "I think I want to ask Jesus in to my heart." Rick responded by saying, "Do you want to do that right now?" So, they pulled the Jeep over and before they were finished, both Abby and Sam had taken this Huge step of faith. Now they are 2 year old toddler Christians. Since they share the same spiritual bday, we are celebrating tonight for Abby and tomorrow night for Sam.
Gathering around to eat her special meal and
talk about her relationship with God
She picked a funny menu.
Starting at the left: Green beans, raspberries,
sausage balls, breaded mozzarella sticks, and marinara
Abby enjoying her meal
Her gift: A marker board with a calendar on one side and blank on the other
She is very organized so she will use this in so many ways!
No spiritual bday is complete without ice cream sundaes.
Abby put nerds on her vanilla ice cream
Abby absolutely has the gift of service. She serves at home, in school, and at church. She is a natural when it comes to "mothering." She gets a lot of practice with Isaiah and Laila. She is going to be a rockin' babysitter some day. She loves to sing, dance, and express herself through art. I see her using those gifts to worship God.

I love her. She is unique. She is beautiful. She is mine!!

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