Saturday, September 8, 2012


The post is going to be really boring to most of you.

I want to do it, because I want to remember.

There will come a day when my life slows down.

I will totally forget the intensity of these busy days with 6 kids at home.

This will be my reminder.  Unfortunately, most of these events are not near each other  I end up driving all over town dropping off and picking everyone up!

This is what my Thursdays are like this fall:

6:45 - Take Cody to school(Rick helps with this many mornings.   When he isn't able to, I have to take Cody to a friend's house, past the other kids' school,  and then drive all the way back home. This takes about 30 minutes.)

7:40 - Take Lauren, Abby, and Sam to school (Their school starts at 8:15)

9:00 - Go to Bible Study at church

11:30 - Take Isaiah to school (His school starts at 12:05)

12:00 - Take Laila to school (Her school starts at 12:15)

I have the afternoon to do what I want or need to to do.

3:00 - Begin the evening chaos

3:15 - Pick up Laila from school

3:30 - Pick up Lauren, Abby, Sam, and Isaiah from school

3:45 - Pick up Cody from school

4:30 - Drop Lauren off at soccer practice

4:45 - Drop Abby off at piano lessons.

5:45 - Pick Abby up from piano lessons

6:00 - Drop Sam off at football practice at one park

6:00 - Pick Lauren up from soccer practice at a different park

7:30 - Pick Sam up from football practice

(Thankfully, on some nights, Rick is able to help with some of these drop offs and pick ups.  When he can't help, I have to do it all myself.) 

Feed, help with homework, remind everyone to do their jobs, clean the dinner dishes, and get kids into bed.

Collapse into my bed.

Lauren said to me on Thursday as I was yawning and struggling to keep my eyes open during one of the drives, "I don't know why you are so tired, you're just sitting in the truck."  Yes, honey, you are right.  I have no reason to be tired.  There must be something wrong with me.

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  1. this is insane and makes me so, so tired. you are amazing.