Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Super Sam

Sam had his first football game ever on Saturday.  I missed it.  Lauren had her first soccer game of the season at the same time, so Rick took Sam to his game and I headed with Lauren to hers(a blogpost to come on that one).  We were up bright an early on Saturday morning(something I don't enjoy).  Thankfully we only have a few early morning games this season.  I love watching my kids play sports, but I also miss our Saturday morning big breakfasts when we are heading out the door on Saturday mornings.  

Sam has become quite the little beast on the field.  He has earned the nickname, SuperSam.  Rick bought him a "Superman" shirt to wear under his football gear.  You can see the blue sticking out below his jersey in the pic below.  I will have to make sure and take a pic of him in the SuperSam shirt at some point during the season.  

The anticipation before the game

 The man standing behind Sam in the white shirt is the doctor that delivered him, actually saved his life.  He holds a special place in our family's heart for sure.  He had twins born the day after Sam was born.  Here we are 8 1/2 years later with all 3 of our boys on the same football team!!

 Sam is on the Ravens

 There he is, #50, ready to tackle anything that moves!!

 I just love how his uniform is a too big on him.

 The next 5 pictures is a sequence of Sam and another teammate going for the tackle.  

 Sam had 4 tackles in the game.  I have no idea what position he played, but he did well!  I wouldn't even know if I had been there!  I have come a long way over the years when it comes to watching football games.  I can actually follow the games, but don't really know positions other than the main ones like quarterback, wide receiver, etc.

That sweet face still melts my heart!
They lost their first game to the Broncos(boo!), 13-6.  There are no football games this Sat.  I will finally get to see him play on Sept. 22.  I cannot wait.

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  1. Would that doctor happen to be Dr Weary? If so, he holds a VERY special place in our hearts too! Good job Sam!