Thursday, September 13, 2012

Soccer Time!

Lauren loves to play soccer.  She has been playing for years.  Last spring she decided to play spring ball in preparation to move to the competitive league this fall.  Then, she hurt her foot and ended up with a cast for 3 weeks.

 Now, even though it was a cast with soccer balls, that injury eliminated the possibility of playing soccer in the spring.  As a result, she approached this fall season hesitant to begin in the competitive league.  Her foot was much better, but she had not played in almost a year.  She was not in "soccer season shape."  So, she decided to continue in the developmental league for one more year.  Then, she did this two days before her first practice:
The doctor gave the okay for her to play as long as she bubble wrapped her arm for the games.  We wouldn't want her knocking anyone out!!  She began her practices and has done really well despite her broken wrist.  Because the bone was completely broken, we had to go back 10 days later to make sure it was healing properly.  Thankfully, surgery was not required.  She kept playing and getting ready for her first game.  

Saturday was the big day.  She actually had 2 games to kick off the season.  The first one was very early in the morning.  I forgot my camera and Rick was at Sam's game with his camera.  So, we don't have any pics from it.  It was a rough start for her team.  They lost 5-2 and walked away a bit discouraged.
  Rick got these pics at the afternoon game.  

 Notice the bubble wrapped cast on her right hand

 This pic made me laugh.  I was walking toward Rick and realized he was taking a pic of me so I made face.  This is one of those pics you hope is not used if you are ever missing.

 Go, Lolly, Go
She got so close to scoring a few times! 

 Lauren and her coach.  Her team is the Pumas

 I know this is blurry, but I love the action that it shows.  She is the second one from the left.
The score was tied the second game 2-2.  They played much better!!

Today, she got her cast off!!  Her break is healed in her wrist, but the doc said she is only at about 70% usage at this point.  She got this lovely little accessory to help her during soccer and other activities:
We are both relieved to have that cast off.  Now, she can wash her own hair and take showers way easier.  It is sore and she is a bit nervous about using it.  She had her first soccer practice today with it.  She did great!!  Hopefully, we can keep her out of casts for a while!

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