Monday, September 3, 2012


Cody turned 14 years old on Friday.  We gave him the option to stay home from school, but he chose to go.  I think he wanted to be around his friends.  This was his year for a family party so it was a pretty low-key Birthday.  
Morning breakfast cupcakes
 The girls decorated so he could come home to a decorated house

 I can't believe how old he looks.  
He is officially taller than me.  He wears bigger shoes than me. 
 Before long, I will have to look up to look into his eyes.
Poor, kid, as the firstborn, he is the "guinea pig" in so many ways!
 Sam gave him coupons for his bday.
 Lauren gave him a 3-liter of soda.  
I don't know what is up with her look here.
 Abby gave him cashews and snow cone syrup for his snow cone maker that he bought at a yard sale
 Laila gave him gum and Arizona Sweet Tea
Are you sensing a theme here?
 Isaiah picked out this water gun and bought it with his own money!
 Mello Yello is scarce in CO.  It is his beverage of choice.
He also got some money from both grandparents, a Walgreens gift card(he loves to ride his bike there), jeans(his favorite, not), a lamp for his bedside table and some milk duds.
I made Korean Beef, Rice, and Egg Rolls for his Bday dinner. 
We had ice cream cake for dessert:  Yellow cake, Snickers Ice Cream
Cody reenacting blowing out his candles.  Lovely photo that I will always cherish!
On the night of his bday, Rick, Cody, and I rented Hunger Games to watch.  He and I had already seen it, but Rick hadn't.  He wanted his dad to see it.  Then, on Saturday, Rick and Cody went to see Avengers at the movies.  Rick and I still plan to take him out for a bday meal.

This last year has brought many adjustments to your life. It has been hard to adapt and adjust.  I so appreciate that even though it was hard, you CHOSE to move forward.  You accepted God's plan for our family even though it rocked your world.  On this side of things, you are stronger, more mature, and better for the process.  I see you claiming your faith as your own.  You are sooooo independent that is painful for me at times.  But, I guess that is my goal, right, to make you independent.  It is just happening faster than I can keep up with it.  I will always be your mama and you will always be my baby boy.  You have a tenderness and sensitivity in your heart that takes me by surprise when I least expect it and in ways that I could not predict.  You have the ability to make others feel special and pick out just the right gifts for them.  You are a natural leader.  I have loved watching you take on some odd jobs and excel at them.  You are a hard worker.  Each year is going to bring new adventures, new responsibilities and new freedoms.  I am excited to see God's plans unfold for you.  "You'll always be my little man, I'll love you the best that a Mama can."

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