Sunday, September 30, 2012

Are You Ready For Some Football...

...Dallas Cowboys football, that is!  One of the bummers about living here is that we don't get every Cowboys game on TV.  That REALLY stinks.  The first game was on a Wednesday night.  Cody and Lauren had youth group and I had something going on so we started our Football Game Concessions' Stand last Sunday for the game.  Lauren wanted to go first.
 Her menu
 Taking Orders
 A Happy Man
 I like this view.  
You can see the concession stand, the football game on the TV, and some of the fans
 Too Cute!
 Lauren's specialty on the menu was Chocolate Chip Cowboy Waffles
 The finished product
I acted as her assistant.  I stay in the kitchen and help fill orders that are made.  She did all the waffles herself.  I have found this a pretty easy tradition to manage.  They all have to eat anyway.  This just makes it fun.  Each kid can give me a shopping list ahead of time if they have special foods they would like to make on that day.  I get them so we are ready to go.  If they don't choose ahead of time, I find we usually have plenty to choose from around here.  The thing that made this day even better is that the Cowboys won!!

Tomorrow night, I am doing the concessions and in addition to watching the game, we are going to be celebrating Cody's spiritual bday.  It should be really fun!

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