Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I woke up on Monday morning with 2 thoughts on my mind.  First, I thought, "Wow,  nobody has been sick and missed any school so far this year.  Second, I thought, "I haven't had the hiccups in forever."  (This is how my mind works, people, very random thoughts that make no sense)  It wasn't 5 minutes later before Cody came into our room coughing and sniffling needing his temperature taken.  Throughout the day, I had the hiccups at least 4 different times.  Coincidence, I think not!  I am bit weird.

Since Monday, they are dropping like flies around here.  Cody and Lauren stayed home from school yesterday and today Abby, Cody, and Lauren are home.  I really am going somewhere with this story.  (Rick is always saying that I share way more than necessary to get to a point.)  All of this leads to today.  I had the rare opportunity to have only Sam in the truck to take to school.  He was the only healthy kid that is dropped off in the morning.  We went to Burger King to get BOGO smoothies to have on our ride.  We had such a great conversation.  It reminded me how important it is to spend some one-on-one time with each kid.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a ride in the truck will do.  

I asked him how things were going at school.  I found out things I wouldn't know otherwise.  He gave me some glimpses into his school world.  My favorite thing that he shared was about this cross:
(Don't you just love how he put it in front of his night light so the light would shine behind it?)
He made this cross with some wood.  He is the kind of kid that likes to take things apart to see how they work and build things out of random objects he can find.  He made this a few weeks ago and put it in his room.  This morning he said, "Mom, every morning, when I get up, I kneel before my cross and pray."  Be. still. my. heart.  That is precious, and I love that he shared that with me.  He is such a sweet, tenderhearted little boy.

I had 2 other things to share from the kids yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, Laila and I had to walk in the cold rain to pick up the kids from their classes.  As we were walking, she said, "Mommy, you are going to have to make me some coffee after this."  That was so funny to me.  She doesn't even like the taste of coffee.

Last night, I was being silly with Isaiah when he said, "Mom, you are the most hilarious, funny and annoying mom in the world."  I asked him, "Do you know what annoying means?"  He said, "I have no idea."

A friend commented on my Facebook page that surely he meant that I am "anointed."  I am pretty sure she is right, so we are going to go with that one.


  1. Loved all of this. I don't tell you enough how much I enjoy getting to share bits of life with you this way. Love you friend!

  2. Too sweet!!! (And I am guilty of also sharing more than is necessary to get to a point... I like people to understand every aspect of a story when I tell it... so I can appreciate that about you and your stories for sure! Haha! ;)

  3. Aw, love that story about Sam! And tell Rick details are important. If he had a blog on this it would have read: "I have great kids." The end.