Monday, September 10, 2012

Pie on Friday 2012

Last Friday, we completed another summer of "Pie on Fridays!"  I will say that a few times it ended up being "Pie on Saturday" or "Pie on Sunday" because of some Friday evening scheduling conflicts, but we definitely all took a turn this year.  Rick actually started this tradition a few years ago and it stuck.  He likes pie, and he likes to say, "PIIIIEEE ONNN FRIIIIDAAAAY!" Because we are a competitive little family, at the end of the summer we vote on our favorite pie that year.  Here are the entries this year:
Rick - Apple Pie(it did have ice cream to go on top)

 Laura - Village Inn French Silk Pie (I didn't want to cook on my turn)

 Cody- Hershey Pie(This is a frozen pie that I make)

 Lauren - Frozen Chocolate Pie(From the grocery)

 Abby - Vanilla Ice Cream pie with caramel and chocolate sauce(Gluten Free and homemade)

 Sam - Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pie(homemade)

 Isaiah - Strawberry Pie(homemade)

Laila - Tollhouse Cookie Pie(homemade)
 A better view of Laila's pie

And the winner is:


His strawberry pie had the most votes.  He was so excited to win.  I think this was his first time to win any of our competitions.

So, until next year, enjoy some pie on a Friday.  I think you'll like it!!

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