Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Little Toaster That Did

Has it really already been over a week since we celebrated our 18th anniversary??  Time is going so fast.  It seems I can't keep up with anything, my house, this blog, my kids' social calendars and activities.  Most days I feel like my head might spin right off my head.

Last week, Rick and I were able to take an overnight trip to Boulder for our anniversary(thank you so much, Laura and Ellen for keeping our kids).  I had never been to Boulder.  We usually do Denver when we have one night.  Boulder seemed like a good option since it is not much farther than Denver.  

We had a yummy dinner at Cantino Laredo 
 We took an evening walk on Pearl Street.  It is an outdoor area with lots of different shops and restaurants.  The weather was perfect.

I have been hearing lots about the restaurant, Snooze.  So, we went there for breakfast.  It was a long wait, the service wasn't stellar, but I liked the unique menu and atmosphere.  There were several things on the menu that I wanted to try.  I would definitely go back to try some of those things.

Just having uninterrupted time alone with this man is the best anniversary gift I could ask for
 I chose the pancake sampler.  
(l to r) Coffee and donuts pancake, pineapple upside down pancake, banana peanut butter granola pancake.  
 Rick had French Toast OMG!
 Pink Grapefruit juice always reminds me of my Grandmommy.   
 We made a trip to IKEA on Friday.  Rick had never been there.  Here is my take on that place.  It is very overwhelming to me.  I am not a "decorator" so I don't do well with all the STUFF.  I do like seeing how they put it together in the mock houses.  Most of the furniture looks miniature to me.  When Rick sits on it, he looks even more like a giant.  My favorite part, the kitchen gadgets!!  I got a few items that I needed for my kitchen.  I could spend all day in that part of the store.  Free childcare is genius.

Speaking of kitchens, we got this toaster as a wedding gift.
 It has served us well for 18 years.  
The little lever has been broken for years, but it still toasted our bread.
 We decided it was time to retire the toaster and go for the 4-slicer!!  Our family has grown significantly in the last 18 years.  Almost every day, someone in this house has toast.  This was our anniversary gift to the fam this year:
 I never imagined I could get so excited about an appliance.  I don't even really eat toast that often myself, but I am excited to make toast for my family with it.  My favorite feature is the "reheat" button. If the toast cools before you take it out, you can push this button to warm it back up without toasting it more.  Wow, that is amazing.  I get so busy doing other things that I retoast because it is cold and end up burning the toast.

I think that everyone should get an anniversary shower somewhere between 15-20 years of marriage.  Everything is wearing out and there are so many new gadgets and features on appliances.  Also, as a family grows, those 6-muffin tins just don't cut it.  I need to upgrade lots of my cookware and bakeware.  Oh, well, a little at a time.

I am just thankful I still get to have this man in my life.  
Our marriage has stood the test of time even better than that toaster.  
Here's to another 18 years and a new toaster!!


  1. The pancake sampler was a good choice and your toaster rhapsody makes me realize that I NEED a reheat button and my life is not worth having without it..... :) Love ya!

  2. I want that breakfast!!!! Both of them! Yum!! Happy Anniversary!!!