Sunday, September 23, 2012

Faraway Friends

I love this pic!
~ I love it because it means we got some time with Kriek and Clara.
~ I love that my Swazi babes got to play with their South African friend.
~I love that I got to sit and chat with Kriek at Chick-fil-a while the kids played in the playground.
~I love that Kriek got to see these 2.  She was such a big part of our adoption and that first month we spent together with them in Africa.  She met them before I did.  She sees every day the circumstances from which they came. She sees the difference in their lives.  The last time she saw them, was when they had been home with us for 6 months.  Laila was 15 mos. old and Isaiah was 2 1/2.  They have grown a lot.
It was such a treat.  I am thankful for friendships that stick no matter the time or distance.  I love seeing that this calling to Swaziland has so many layers to it beyond just reaching out to the Swazi people.  

After our time together, I needed to get these 2 to school.
Since we had breakfast at Chick-fil-a, and since it was $1 cone day at TCBY, 
we had frozen yogurt for lunch!
Isaiah and Laila kept thanking me over and over for their "lunch" and saying, "You are the best mom we ever had."  I got some major bonus points for this day!!

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