Monday, August 17, 2009

Wouldn't you know

School starts 2 weeks from today. It is my goal to try to do something fun with the kids every day until school starts, fun mom that I am. I was really proud of myself for following through. Most days, after the little kids' naps, I am totally wiped and hitting my low for the day. Today, I gathered the kids and said, "Hey guys, you want to go the Splashground?" I had 2 1/2 hours before Rick would be home. I thought this would pass the time and I was feeling really good about my flexibility and willingness to be such a "good mom" (smile). Everyone put on their swim stuff, we loaded up and headed to the park. Isaiah was so excited. This was his first "fun time" in the water since his cast came off. He was "going swimming" as he put it. We got there and about 10 minutes after we got everything settled, it started thundering and lightning. So, we loaded up and came back home. Why did I even bother? So much for my Mom of the Year Award. Tomorrow we are going to try to do something fun before nap time.

Soaking wet and loving it!

I even loaded up the scooters!!
Isaiah and Cody "swimming"
Laila was happy and cute, of course.