Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pancakes Anyone?

This has been a challenging week. I have cleaned more messes in this one week than I have in many months put together. They have ranged from multiple poop incidents ( I mentioned the pool already. I wish it ended there.) One such incident involved poop smears on each of my carpeted stairs. Evidently, Isaiah had a leaky pullup and he proceeded to scoot down the stairs leaving a trail behind. It all culminated tonight with a major poop blowout at Cody's skating party. Isaiah said, "Saiah poop, mine" (when translated means, "I just pooped all over myself"). I didn't take him seriously. The party was almost over, and I just wanted to get home. Anyway, the skating rink doesn't have a diaper changing station. Big mistake. We went to the truck to put him in his seat and discovered poop everywhere when we took him out of the wagon. I stripped him down and used about a million wet wipes to clean him up. He rode home in a diaper. The smell in the truck was overwhelming.

Isaiah is in one of those stages. I haven't dealt with this in a long time. He is into everything and very hard to keep up with. He tries to escape and explore out in public. If he is not literally strapped to something, there is no keeping up with him. He is also into "discovering his world"(that is the nice way we say he is into everything and driving us crazy). He has covered his dresser this week with Desitin (I am so glad it was just a sample size). He has decided to begin a bubble bath for himself. He also decided it would be fun to pour a whole bottle of water on himself in the truck (who gave him a bottle of water?).

This all leads to the pancakes. You see, the new phrase I am hearing around here is, "mom, you gotta come see this." Whenever I hear that, I tighten up inside and say, "no, tell me." I don't want to just "see" without warning. As we were preparing to put the kids to bed tonight, I heard Rick say from upstairs, "Laura, come tell me what this smell is in Isaiah and Laila's room." Oh, no, here we go again. I was sure that it was some foul smell produced by one of their bodily functions. Not so. When I arrived in their room, I was greeted by a sweet aroma, much like pancake syrup. I have no idea where it was coming from. I smelled everything in that room and could not find the source of the smell. So, Rick and I decided that Isaiah and Laila must be hosting a pancake fundraiser in their room when we are not aware. When I asked Laila if she had been making pancakes, she just smiled and gave me a kiss. So, if you want to support a good cause and are hungry for pancakes, you should come over to Isaiah and Laila's pancake house for a nice little meal. Maybe we could donate the money to Swaziland.


  1. Laura-I love your blog. It keeps me going. I hope one day to meet you and our boys can torment each other:)

    Thanks for making me smile and giggle on an almost daily basis. --Kelly Racela

  2. I had a friend who had the smell of pancake syrup in her house and it turned out that it was in the vents. Ick!

  3. laura...more poop eh?

    thanks so much for your comment....that meant SO much to me!

    it was an honor to pray for you...really it WAS.