Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Hubby

I have the greatest hubby in the world. Today is one of those days where I am reminded of that. It is not really any "special" day like a bday or anniversary. It is just a day where without him, I would be a mess. You see, he settles and calms me. He comforts and gives me perspective. He balances me when I am acting extreme. Sometimes he even swoops in and rescues me from myself. I am thankful for a man that is kind, generous, sensitive, patient(especially with me) and powerful.
He is also one handsome guy!!!
We will be celebrating 15 years of marriage in Sept.!!

He works so hard for our family. He does miracles with budgets and spreadsheets not just for us but for our church. He is my hero. I love you Rick!! Thank you for loving me so well.

Rick in working mode doing miracles with our money.

When God placed Africa on my heart 3 years ago, he didn't tell me that I was crazy. He didn't tell me to forget about it. He began praying, he went on a trip, he opened his heart, and he received the calling as well. Not many men would even allow themselves the emotions that are necessary to carry this burden for Swaziland that we feel.

Then, one year ago, when I told him at 5:00 Am one morning, that I thought God might be calling us to adopt, he said, "Well, then let's pray about that." He believes in me and constantly tells me what I am doing right. I love that man. God has truly blessed me beyond measure.

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  1. You do have one great husband, Laura. But you know what they say - behind every great man is a great woman supporting, serving and praying for him and their family (well, I added that last part. Its true though!)