Monday, August 17, 2009

Je Je

I love to hear my kids pray. Cody, Lauren, and Abby have sincere prayers that are deepening as they grow older. Sam has always been a prayer warrior. We have one family friend that he has been praying for regularly for years now. I especially love hearing them pray for Swaziland, our friends there, and the churches that we are working with.

I don't know what exposure Isaiah and Laila have had to prayer or even God before they joined our family. I love to see them already impacted by God in their lives. We have quite the story to tell them of how God brought them to our family. Isaiah is our prayer policemen. He makes sure that everyone is putting their hands together and closing their eyes during prayer time. If they are not, he is quick to remind them that it is time to pray. He enjoys praying and will repeat as Rick leads him to pray. Laila has begun "praying" too. At meals and before bed when she hears us say it is time to pray, she will put her hands together. Tonight, she put her hands together and said, "Je Je". She was praying to Jesus. It was so sweet and special, a moment I will never forget. I pray that both Isaiah and Laila will come to know the Lord and be encouraged by His hand in their lives from before they even knew about Him.


  1. How precious that JeJe knows and understands.

  2. If it makes my heart proud, I can't even imagine how proud it makes Him!!