Monday, August 10, 2009


I needed some perspective today. Many of my days feel very long and hard. I go nonstop taking care of little people and often feel unappreciated. This morning was no exception. I got everyone fed, dressed, broke up a few battles, wiped noses, changed two poopy diapers, dished out a few time outs, gave some hugs and kisses, got the dishwasher running, got laundry started, gave fashion advice, got myself dressed, cleaned a mess, changed my clothes because they got dirty from the mess, and headed out the door by 9:10 AM. I had a dentist appt. so a friend of mine had agreed to keep the kids for me. We drove across town to drop them off, and as I was getting out of the truck, realized that my shoes don't match my outfit. You see, when I changed my shirt, from the mess, I forgot to get different shoes out. Not really a big deal, just icing on the cake. So, I dropped everyone off and raced to the dentist's office. When I arrived, I received and apology from them saying, "We called your house at 9:30 to tell you that our hygenist would not be in today. We need to reschedule your appt." I just stood there thinking, "are you serious?" So, we did and I felt that all my efforts for the morning were wasted. I called my friend and she said since she already has the kids (which was an amazing sacrifice on her part to begin with in my opinion) that I could just have some time to myself for the morning.

Now, what to do with that time? Do I run errands that would be much easier alone than with 6 kids? Do I go home and clean something uninterrupted? Do I take some time to read a book and just relax? Or, do I spend some time with God? I decided to run a quick errand, then go home and spend some time with God. As I was preparing for that time, I came across this video. It brought me to tears and reminded me of the calling God has placed on my life. The calling to mother my children, the calling to adoption that He brought us through this last year, and the calling to help the children of Swaziland. My inconveniences and frustrations would be a blessing to many around the world. The video brought back the perspective I needed in my life. I hope it does the same for you.

Lord, don't ever let me get so caught up in my little world that I forget about the big world of people in need that you have created. Help me to be a part of the solution not the problem.

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