Sunday, October 12, 2014

She Likes Turtles!

Remember when I mentioned in the blog post about Abby's Birthday about how "crafty" she is?  
Well, Exhibit A
 She had to make a life-size replica of a sea animal
As you can see, she chose a sea turtle.  
She began by making the wire frame out of chicken wire
Then, she covered it with newspaper and Mod Podge
 It took several days and layers to get it just right

 Then, this child, all by herself, painted this thing.  
 I am so amazed every time I look at it.  
Can you see it next to the picture of the real one?
 The final product
I have no idea how she did this.  No, really, my mom did these kinds of projects for me.  I was horrible at this kind of stuff.  There were always many tears involved.  Not with this girl. She did every bit of it by herself.  
She also had to do a presentation with Power Point.  Of course, she received a 100%.  
Great job, Abby!!

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