Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Plethora of Activities

Since I am catching up on the last few months, this post will be a random mixture of activities that have been going on with our family.  
Abby learned to mow the yard this summer
 Rick took the 3 littles to the batting cages
 Laila got new bedding with her bday money!
She has lots of babies to take care of.
Wait, there are actually more!
 Hot Hues Hair
 Our Orthodontist's office had a big party at Brunswick Zone. 
We had fun bowling.
 It was free for the whole family!
 We got unlimited video games
 We even got to do laser tag(no pics of that)
 This picture pretty much sums up how this boy lives, LOUD and FULL THROTTLE!
 He is also a cuddler
 Rick got us a fire pit on clearance at Lowes

 Isaiah and Laila turned it into a party and made name tags for everyone.  
Notice I am a VIP(I love the Jesus name tags!)

This girl is on fire!
  S'mores all around!
 Laila loves to play with cars.  
She always makes traffic
  Can you tell she has spent a huge portion of her life in the truck!
 On Labor Day, we took advantage of a deal and went to SkyZone

 They can literally bounce off the walls!
 They also had basketball and dodgeball
 Sam getting "air"

 Lauren and her friend, Emma, gave me a good photo shoot!
 Abby is on the left edge of the pics

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