Monday, October 13, 2014

Date with Isaiah

Isaiah and I had a little date in August, too!  This. Boy. Loves. Movies!(and video games).  Seriously, he would be watching TV or playing video games every waking hour if I let him.  So, it seems obvious that a fun date for him would be a movie at the theater.  We went to see "How to Train Your Dragon 2"  I really love one-on-one time with this boy.  He is fun!  He is sweet!  He just does so much better when he is the center of attention.  (I guess we all do, but he is more enjoyable when I can give him all of my attention).  So, off we went.  These pics are not the greatest.  Lighting is so complicated sometimes and you can't always see his beautiful face!
 Movie Snack Pack
 Every time I think of his story and our family's story, I am just in awe of God and how he grew our family with the addition of Isaiah and Laila.  We are so blessed!!
 This is right outside the theater.  He was so tempted to get it in as we were going into the movie.  I told him to wait until after so he wouldn't be wet the whole time.   
 This is how he chose to get wet, soaking his whole head.  
Crazy kid!

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