Sunday, October 12, 2014

Abby's 12th Birthday!

Abby's actual Birthday was while we were in Dallas, but it was her year to have a friend party.  So, we had a little shindig planned upon our return home.  The really funny part is that Abby decorated for her own party.  I offered to do it, but she wanted to.  She is so good at decorating and making a party look fabulous.  She knew anything that I did would not compare to what she would do.  I think if I did it, the whole time she would be wishing she had.  Here are the pictures of her creation:
Family Room
 Party Favors for the Girls

 Leading into the dining room

 Dining Room
She had 5 friends over for a sleepover.  They started their time with pizza and bottled sodas
Then, Abby opened her gifts
 After ice cream sundaes(those pics didn't turn out so good) we loaded up in the truck and headed to Brunswick Zone
 They spent their time playing video games and laser tag

Afterwards, we came back home for a sleepover with chocolate popcorn and the Hunger Games movies.  The party ended the next morning with a pancake breakfast.  They had lots of fun!

You continue to amaze me with who you are.  On the one hand, you are extremely creative and artistic.  You show your style through decorating and creating.  You spend your free time doing unique hairstyles, fun nails, and making bracelets(or any number of other crafty projects).  When you have an artistic project for school, you do it all by yourself, but it looks like it was done by an adult.  I can even count on you to help the younger kids with their artsy projects.  You obviously did not get your artistic ability from me!  You are a great gift giver by really taking the time to make it special for that person.  On the other hand, you are completely organized and a straight A student at school.  I feel like I have to tell you it is okay to not make a perfect score on everything.  I love hearing from your teachers that you help others who are struggling in school.  You are my go-to girl for help around the house.  Seriously, you clean it just as well as I would!  You are such a great helper with Isaiah and Laila. Above it all, you have a heart for Swaziland and have made so many sacrifices to help the children there. Even as I type all of this, I am in awe of the young woman you are becoming. I love you, Abby, and I see God's hand all over your life.  I can't wait to see what the next few years hold.  Be who you are no matter what others around you are doing.  Seek God with all of your heart.
Love ya,

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