Monday, October 13, 2014

Back to School 2014

August is a crazy month in our house.  The amount of work and money it takes to get these kids ready for school just about does me in every year.  Between uniforms and school supplies, I spend so much time going all around town trying to get them everything they need for the best price possible.  This year was probably the hardest yet because everyone is now in school.  
Lauren started school before everyone else.  She was not happy having to get up and go to school for several mornings while everyone else stayed home and slept in.  
First day of 8th Grade
 The elementary kids got to go a few days early to meet their teachers and take in their supplies.
Isaiah with his teacher, Miss Johnson
 His desk
 Sam with his teacher, Miss Higgins
 His locker
 Abby with her teacher, Mr. Walters
 Her locker
 The snack bucket is ready.  School can now commence!
 Laila's class started a day ahead so that they could get them there by themselves and give them a little Kindergarten Orientation
 She is finally at TCA with her brothers and sisters
 Circle Time
 "Introduce Yourself!"
 Making a craft

 "The Kissing Hand"

 This picture sums up what this experience is really like for Laila.  She was actually miserable the whole time even though she smiled for some of her pictures.  She is such an extreme introvert that new settings are literally painful for her.  It makes me so sad for her because I know she has so much to offer.  As an extrovert myself, I just don't understand why it is so hard.
 Going to the playground
 Hearing the playground rules
 "Finally, I can be alone!"
 I know that once she gets comfortable with her classmates and teacher, she will do just fine.  She will come out of her shell and engage the time at school.  It is just the newness and unknown that is so hard for her.
She got a little reward for enduring the time at school and everything was all better!
 Cody is going to a new school this year and for the first time ever does not have to wear uniforms.  
He is very happy about that!
 First Day, Sophomore Year
 First Day of Second Grade
 Hoping this boy has a great year.   He has come a long way since the beginning of last year!
 First Day of Kindergarten at TCA
 Laila is still only in school half days, 4 days a week.  I still get her to myself every morning.  She is my shopping buddy.  We have fun together!
 First Day of 5th Grade
 Sam has the same teacher this year, that Abby had last year. 
 First Day of 6th Grade
 In 6th grade, they begin changing classes some, so she really has 4 different teachers
 The Elementary Crew
This time next year, my life will look very different.  Cody will have his license so he can take himself, Lauren, and Abby to and from school.  I will take the other 3 to school at 8:00 and won't have to pick anyone up until 3:30.  Wow, I can't even imagine.  I haven't had that much time alone since 1998, 17 years!!

This has been a good year so far.  We just had parent/teacher conferences and everyone is doing really well.
~Laila has made lots of friends and is finally comfortable in her new environment.  Her teacher is absolutely perfect for her, soft spoken, loving and very gentle.
~Isaiah is doing exceptionally behaviorally and academically.  He has become a great reader which was a bit of a challenge last year.
~Sam has met the challenge of 5th grade and the new level of responsibility in school work.
~Abby continues to excel in 6th grade.  I love seeing how self-motivated she is in her work,
~Lauren is doing great in 8th grade and staying on top of the many assignments she has.
~Cody LOVES his new school.  It is such a good fit for him.  We are so glad we made that decision.

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  1. Your oldest son is the 3rd kid I know to leave the North campus this year. Is something going on over there? My kids are also at East, but will eventually have to transition over to North. Should I be concerned? Feel free to email me for privacy. Thanks! Amanda :)