Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Get Knocked Down...

... but I get up again.  Ain't never gonna keep me down!

That is my mantra right now.  I feel like I just cannot get caught up.
-caught up on this blog
-caught with friends
-caught up with housework
-caught up with appointments
-caught up with dates for my kids
-caught up with sleep
I could go ON and ON!

On top of all of that, whenever I do make a plan, it often gets sabotaged!
-we are all ready for Africa and Sam's needs emergency surgery
-I need to catch up on my blog posts and my computer gets stolen
-I have a plan for the day and a kid wakes up sick
-we work hard to pay off a bill, then new needs surface
-I plan a great activity for our family and it just doesn't turn out like I hoped

I realize I am complaining a bit.  I will stop now.  I do say all of this to communicate a few things:

1.  This is all part of life.  I finally get that.  I have to embrace what comes and move forward despite the setbacks.
2. I have to learn to live in the tension of it all.  That is challenging for me some days.
3.  I am not going to let it stop me from what God has called me to.
4.  I am about to do a mega dose of blogposts to catch up.

About that last one.  I have finally (I think) recovered the pictures I lost from our little home burglary.  So, once again I can get to work.  I have considered just skipping what I missed and starting right now, but if I did that, I would not have several big events in our family documented.  So, I am hoping to take the next 2 weeks to catch it up.  The kids will be on fall break.  The schedule will be more relaxed.  I CAN DO THIS!

I  just can't bear the thought of not recording the events of the last 3 months.  This blog is the way I preserve our memories.  So, let's see how this goes.  And, don't be alarmed when you see a "First Day of School" post in October.  We are going to just pretend like this is all news that needs to be shared.  I also have some posts about life that have been swirling around in my head lately.  I will try to sneak those in, too!

I have to share a funny thing Isaiah said so I don't forget it.  I shared this on Facebook last week:
I work so hard to teach my kids manners. I don't always think what it will sound like if they repeat those instructions. Like today at Costco when Isaiah was complimented for his manners and his response to the man, "well, we should be kind to the elderly."

For now, I will leave you with this fabulous representation of "healthy" vs. "unhealthy" that Laila created:
The healthy person is thinner and playing soccer.  The unhealthy person is fatter and has a pile of candy.  

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