Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Break in the Mountains

We were so blessed over spring break to be given the opportunity to go to the mountains for a few days.  Let me tell you, it couldn't have come at a better time.  Rick had been working many long days over the last couple of weeks.  Our kids have been fighting a lot.  We were all exhausted.  Some good concentrated rest and family time was definitely in order.  We returned to the amazing cabin that friends of ours have so generously allowed us to use.  It wasn't too far of a drive, but far enough away to escape our everyday stress.  
We began our first night with pizza
 Cody on the deck
  Rick cooking big breakfast

 There are lots of fun games and puzzles to do.
 These 3 put together a very difficult Coca Cola puzzle
 We did our 2nd Installment of "Minute 2 Win It" Games
How many noodles can you get on the skewer in one minute?

Make a pyramid with 28 cups  and stack them back in one minute!

Photo Bomb

 Pull the index cards out while leaving the cups in a stack
No one was able to complete this one

 Isaiah didn't quite understand
 See how many ping pong balls you can bounce into the cups in one minute

 Get pennies one by one out of the pantyhose
 There was a fabulous game called "Junk in the Trunk" that I was not allowed to photograph. 
It involved a tissue box full of ping pong balls strapped to our booties.  We had to see how many ping pong balls we could shake out of the box in one minute. 
Here are the winners:  First place-Rick, 2nd place-Lauren, 3rd place-Cody and we gave a consolation prize for last place that went to Laila
 We ended the night with Pepsi/Dr. Pepper/Root Beer floats
One of the days, Rick took some of the kids sledding.  It turned out to be more like snow surfing by looking at the videos.  These two stayed back with me.  We played several rounds of "Loopin' Louie" and a rousing game of "war"with cards.
Laila brought her robe with her so she could relax.  (sorry about the snotty nose)
 We spent lots of time on this amazing couch playing a very volatile game of Phase 10 and watching many movies.
 We headed into Woodland Park one night for dinner at a Mexican restaurant
 Lauren's Super Burrito
There were many more moments of fun and quite a few moments of drama which just comes with the territory and dynamics of our family these days.  I chose to relax more and take pictures less.  I did a lot of reading.  There was napping, chocolate chip cookies, a morning with Mega Donuts from the Donut Mill, lots of pajama wearing, iPod playing, music listening and dance partying.  We got a break from the outside world, internet, and the crazy schedule that we usually keep where we are all going in different directions.  Everyone stayed healthy and there were no emergency trips home this time.  All-in-all we were thankful for this nice break for the family.


  1. Laura, where was this cabin? I think we stayed in this exact same one once!!! At least it is the same model/same layout. :) So glad you got a chance to get away together, that is precious time! Blessings friends!

  2. Nope, the more I look at it, it's a different one. ANYWAY... you are a great mom! I hope you and Rick got some time together alone too on your week in the mountains!